“Fishergate is meticulous in detail, thorough in presentation, and exemplary in the field of design & graphic arts. Fishergate's attentiveness to the design needs of its clients is most professional from "the concept to the final output!”
Judy Wink, Executive Director, Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

About the Company
Fishergate was founded over 40 years ago by Anthony Drummond in Annapolis, Maryland. In 2001, the company moved to its current location on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. By staying one step ahead of technology and design trends, Fishergate has been able to provide its clients with fresh, current designs. From its early days of paste-up and darkroom cameras to today’s digital technology, Fishergate continues its tradition of creating top-quality work at a reasonable price.
About the Name
Fishergate’s founder, Anthony Drummond, explains . . .
The recorded history of Preston, in the county of Lancashire, England, starts in 670 AD. The town is listed in William the Conqueror's Domesday Book of 1086 and was established as a Borough by royal charter from Edward II in 1179.
Since medieval days,
Preston's main street has
climbed the hill eastward
from a crossing of the River Ribble. In more recent times, it has passed the railroad station and continued through the downtown district to end at
Marketplace. Every school day in my youth, I walked along that street to Winckley Square. Sometimes, on my way home, I dropped by the premises of The Lancashire Daily Post, where my father was employed as the Circulation Manager. I would enter the heavily paneled public lobby, pass a cavernous space full of thundering machinery and the sweet smell of printer's ink, and ascend to my father's quiet office on the second floor. There, I would occupy myself with an ancient typewriter or bother the staff cartoonist in an adjacent office until the "Late City” edition was safely on the streets.
So, when the time came to name the graphic design company I founded in 1969 in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, the choice was easy. I reached back to the town of my youth and the name of its main street, FISHERGATE, where I first became acquainted with wordsmithing and printing.
About the Staff
Susan Vianna
Susan Vianna, Fishergate’s president, has been with the company since 1986. She is the main liaison with clients and
participates in the day-to-day design
and production of publications. She
brings writing and editing expertise to
the process along with a thorough
familiarity with the technical aspects
production, printing, and e-book
development. She was a member of
the first graduating class of the
Interdisciplinary Studies Program at
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and
received a bachelor's degree in
Communications from that institution.

Anthony Drummond
Anthony Drummond was the founder of Fishergate. He applied his broad range of knowledge to the day-to-day technical and intellectual tasks of publications production. Besides seven years of military service and more than four decades at Fishergate, his background included architecture, air-charter operation, and eighteen years with an aviation-communications company as an electronics engineer, technical writer/editor, and manager of publications and graphics.
Roy Jones
Roy Jones has been with Fishergate since 1983. A product of Maryland Institute of Art, he is an accomplished fine artist as well as being experienced and knowledgeable in computer-driven illustration and graphic design. He brings that combination of talents to
the design and production of printed materials and websites.
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